BlockHead Sports aims to manufacture the world's first self-functioning, simulated NFT sports leagues. Each player in our digital leagues is represented by NFTs and each holds its own value. Throughout our month-long seasons, 36 players on 12 teams battle to be crowned the Ether Cup Champion and their performance will be rewarded in our utility token: BlockHeadCoin.


Between seasons, BlockHead holders will be able to spend their earnings on new Player NFTs, real-life items, performance multipliers, and more via the exclusive BlockHead Marketplace. We plan to one day sell out digital stadiums and have our BlockHead franchises represent the revolutionary new cities of the metaverse!

Hockey Goal

Blockhead Hockey's Debut Season Recap

On February 1, 2022, 252 BlockHead Hockey NFTs became available for public minting. On February 14th, the first BlockHead Hockey regular season commenced with 6 franchises battling throughout the 14-game regular season. The Minnesota Muckshows finished with the best regular-season record with 12 wins to just 2 losses, however, it was the Boston Bootleggers who swept them 2 games to 0 in the finals to hoist the 1st ever Ether Cup trophy.


Blockhead BASKETBALL & Future

After the two inaugural seasons of BlockHead Hockey, it will be time to expand our supply of Player NFTs even further with the launch of BlockHead Basketball. Using the same core principles and format of BlockHead Hockey, we will begin to broadcast BlockHead Basketball seasons live on Twitch!

As time progresses, we will look to explore features such as introducing rare Player NFTs and interactive BlockHead experiences. This growth culminates in our eventual merging with live virtual stadiums of our own where we hope to integrate simulation technology with live virtual reality experience and casino-like wagering.

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